Community of Arran Seabed Trust


Our Souvenir shop attached to the Discovery Centre is well worth a visit. We try hard to find sustainably sourced products while also supporting local Artists/Crafters, most of whom give a healthy donation to COAST. We are expanding our lines every year and this year are introducing Onya Bags made from recycled plastic bottles, they are very strong and last for years.

We have a small group of volunteers who knit or crochet amazing creatures to help us raise funds to save the seas. Another volunteer makes Glass Fish, Pencil Cases, Face Masks and Purses! If you want to have a go at knitting or crocheting get in touch via the contact page and we`ll send you a pattern and some stuffing! Most are easy to make.

If you can think of `Marine Themed` sustainable items we could make to sell then please get in touch and let us know your ideas.

If you have any ideas in general of what you would like to see in the shop then we would love to hear your views.